Lannacombe Projects offers a range of development management services, which combined cover the widest range of regeneration options for commercial buildings.

Our approach is professional, thorough and proactive. With a background of working for London’s leading developer of innovative office space, we’re familiar with the view from a client’s position, understanding their aspirations, business drivers, and constraints.

We offer genuine development management rather than merely enhanced project management. This means taking ownership for the project business case from start to finish, and in particular ensuring that the right product is delivered into a given market. We’re used to producing buildings that are at the forefront of the occupier market, and it’s this knowledge and understanding that allows us to formulate an effective brief for the project at the outset.

Most importantly though, we appreciate the value of good design and meticulous attention to detail. The buildings we’ve delivered have not only won some of the highest architectural awards in the country, but have also attracted international occupiers and set record rents for the areas they inhabit.

Founded by Edward Sneddon, formerly a development manager at Derwent London Plc, and supported by a team of able and committed independent team members as required, we can offer a highly personalised and committed service for the most challenging of projects.

Edward Sneddon

After leaving University College London with an engineering degree, Ed succumbed to his curiosity and embarked on a nine-year career on the financial trading floors of the City.

In 2004 he made the switch to commercial property development, and soon settled at Derwent London, the largest Central London office-focused REIT. He remained here as development manager for twelve years until founding Lannacombe Projects in 2018.

Whilst at Derwent London, Ed had direct responsibility for delivering from inception to completion approximately 500,000 sqft of award-winning and highly sought-after office space in Central London, and of securing planning consent for a further 300,000sqft.

The Derwent London mantra that good design needn’t cost money, and in fact adds real value, has not been lost on Ed, and as a result he passionately believes in interrogating every stage of the development process to ensure the final building is the best it could be, and is perfectly positioned for the market into which it’s delivered.