The regeneration and repositioning of existing buildings is often the optimum solution where the existing structures are sound or where the planning environment may preclude a significantly larger building; yet these opportunities can often herald spaces that are characterful and hugely successful.

However, the particular risks associated with existing structures and services means a different approach needs to be adopted, often calling on the experience of designers and contractors particularly suited to this kind of work.

Adding significant area uplift without losing the inherent character and without losing sight of the economic argument for refurbishment is often the challenge. Furthermore, it’s critical to ensure refurbished buildings remain relevant and contemporary for current and future occupiers.

Lannacombe Projects has many years of such experience, having worked on existing buildings that have been successfully regenerated and subsequently let to international occupiers.

Key elements include:

  • Feasibility studies – considering new-build vs refurbishment, and various degrees of intervention, procuring preliminary planning & cost advice as required
  • Recommendation & appointment of the most suited design team members
  • Recognition and management of requisite surveys & investigations to minimise risks
  • Identification of target market & product, allowing formulation of the brief
  • Management of the development budget and the subsequent drawdown of approved expenditure
  • Financial appraisal & modelling
  • Concept design & planning, including S106 negotiations and all other consents required
  • Design development, including setting and adherence to cost targets.
  • Third parties – rights of light, party walls, access, infrastructure protection, utilities etc
  • Procurement & delivery
  • Leasing, post-occupancy support & disposal